Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Entering the swamp Thumbnails

I had a little bit of a fail this week. Totally missed the fact that we were supposed to have TWO characters, so this one only has one. Fail. Anyways, these pages develop the knight character picking up a massive great sword and delving into a thick swamp.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Working on the story for Chapter 2 of Box Boy  The Box mob has taken over the dump, and all the boxes are being rounded up as prisoners - Just sketches here!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Mini Lesson from Mini Me

The pic above is mini me circa Sept 1966.  Ironic in that I feel EXACTLY this strong today as I battle the end of this flu and wrapped up in blankets is how I've been spending my days.

All right, no class because of the flu, but I want you to work.  Looking at Babs offering this week she's getting there but it struck me that we can ALL LEARN FROM THE STRUGGLES SHE'S HAVING!!

Barbara's first scene takes place in a Tucson Arizona Train Station-- so rather than just try to draw stuff out of your head, jump on the GOOGS and see what kind of pics come up.

The first thing that strikes me is that the Tuscon Train Station is pretty damn clean.  That shouldn't surprise me since I've been out west and I do know things are cleaner out that way.   I guess I've spent too much time in Boston/New York train stations.

So is there anything here to help us?

I like this one because it's got some things Babs didn't think of in her shot-- the texture on the floor.  Clocks, those ticket cattle roundup ropes, an ATM or other kind of machine.  Framed shit on the wall.  A schedule.

A lot of little details that could be added.

I'm a sucker for signage too-- and the thing that stands out like a sore thumb on Babs page is TUCSON TRACK 2-- it seems so sparse.  It should have a WARNING STAND BACK 10 FEET or some other such nonsense on it.  Or TICKETED PASSENGERS ONLY, or a homeland of public safety warning so that people with bombs in their shoes take them off, etc.

A google search can help.

So Googs reveals that TUCSON  is a pretty immaculate train station.    So forget what I said about trash.

If you want trash-- look to that bastion of culture-- Paris France;

And I thought the French only didn't wash themselves.

So it's YOUR story-- but if its set out west (and if you're going to be homeless why wouldn't you go someplace clean) then be as accurate as you can, but USE REFERENCE to add those little details you wouldn't think of.

So todays lesson...

and if that doesn't work

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Practice with Ryan in Addict in AZ

I worked on this a bit over Christmas vacation, trying to get a train behind the characters. It's supposed to be moving in the first panel, then stopped. I don't think it works. Andy, I didn't get to fix all you mentioned, such as trash, benches, more people rushing about, etc. I'm so slow doing this work electronically! Anyway, the final panel, which isn't filled in, contained people at the train station, and I realized I am still unsure about lining up necks!!!