Sunday, November 5, 2017

Keeping it in perspective and cheating on my homework

Perspective confounds me.  I mean I get it practically (most of the time), but academically I'm lost.

I am short on time and lacking in creativity this week so I decided I would just snap a quick picture before nap time and use it as my panel. So yeah, the perspective is on point (because when you can't draw for beans reference saves the day)... just don't ask me why.  

I dropped in the neck (pink), head (blue), and foot (green) lines as we were shown.  That puts the vanishing point not only in the panel, but also behind the far character's head.  Maybe that's right and I'm just a rebel, breaking all the rules with my unapologetic in-frame vanishing point. Or maybe this isn't even a one point perspective shot. How should I know? When it comes to understanding perspective... I don't.

What do you expect from a hack that cheats on her homework? The babies are cute though. I demand full marks for that.