Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Thanks to Aria for reminding me about the Hero's Journey.   I started it with Cry of the Snow Leopard.

Cry of the Snow Leopard
Ordinary World Prof. Brewster being a regular professor; writing a novel called Cry of the Snow Leopard--
Call to Adventure Dreams about a Snow Leopard
Refusal of the call Ignores it; keeps reappearing; goes to Bhutan
Meeting the mentor Meets the Master at the monastery after his rescue from the wild dogs,  by a snow leopard that leads him  to the monastery
Crossing the Threshold Realizes that the snow leopard who rescued him--no one saw it--hallucination?  Spirit animal/protector?
Test, Allies & Enemies Verna starts following him upon his return to the States--he has a magic book of hers that he bought in a flea market in Serbia while on sabbatical; Janice gets kidnapped by Verna and her henchman
Ordeal, Death, Rebirth
Reward, seizing the Sword
The Road Back
Return with Elixer
I haven't worked out what happens after the first test--I need to develop subplots and characters and figure out where the story is going.  It's going to need to  be a whole magical world where the book, the spirit animal, and the real world all collide.