Sunday, July 2, 2017


From last week-- I sent you all the same panel to ink-- I'll add to this post as they come in.

Here is the original;

Done in blue line to make your ink lines stand out.

Here is the example I did in class.

On to the student work;

First Up is Sally;

Sally has some very confident lines and she's got the foreground midground background line weights properly divided.  I would just suggest she vary her lines a bit more on the foreground figure to keep those lines look alive.

And this one in from Dan H

Nice effort here from Dan.
Good linework-- the gray background works BUT you'll need to do something with the characters in the far background-- the face lines are far too generic, even though the original is pretty plain, there needs to be a bit more line variety to sell them.  With the background color so gray-- take the two figures in the background to complete black and see what that looks like.