Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Mike tightened up his rough from last week- I like where it's going.

I bring your attention to panel 1.
Those figures are great-- VERY natural.  Not standing stiff.  He used reference for how people stand (or he's really good at placing poses).

Changes I made;

I added a stack of clean shiny dishes in panel 1 and panel 2.
I also added the ol' clock on the wall in panel 2.
Panel 3 I put his eyes up as he looks at the clock, it makes the expression less stagnant.

Panel four-- I added the apron and some pegs.
The car in panel 4 is out of perspective if the parking lot is flat because our eye line is up around the top of the time clock, but the lot could have a slant and I like the details in that panel so I left it as is.

Final panel, I just shifted it down, Try not to have the character break the top AND bottom of a panel when you can help it.

Mike's Santa
Nicely done-- I'd lessen his shoulders and torso to make him look less healthy.

Mike's take on Sam-- I like this-- nice wrinkles in his everyday look.
USE shapes though as you build him. His sideview self and his rearview self have different proportions.