Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Class Video, Assignments and Thoughts on Style.

The Class Video is up, you only get the link if you're signed up for class, sorry lurkers!
The assignment this week;
Take the Script and Layout the first 3 pages-- use your model sheets and set designs where needed.  Take one of the three pages (it doesn't matter which) and bring it to close to full pencil.

Feel free to use the layout I did in class or work up your own-- your call.

A question came up regarding style-- style is something you can't find, it finds you.  Most artists waste too much time trying to develop their style when they should just be working.  Trust me, your style will find you and even more so you'll know when a style isn't right for you.

As for "style"-- while there is a value for an editor to know what they will get when they hire you, as artists you should never feel like you can only work in ONE style.

Let's take a look at David Mazzuchelli-- a very accomplished artist.  Here is his work on Daredevil for Marvel;

It's what we might call "traditional"-- it even has a little bit of Frank Miller in it.  Great stuff.

Here's his work on Asterios Polyp, his personal graphic novel done a few years after DD;

Completely different, right?

I think as artists it's fun to push ourselves sometimes. 
But stop worrying so much about what your style looks like, it'll find you after you've done a LOT of pages.

As Jack Kirby used to say; every comic artist has 2000 bad pages in them-- so get to work!