Friday, June 16, 2017

Assignment #2- Miriam Critique

Miriam sent this in for a review of her pencils before she goes any further.

Page looks great-- a few minor things I would change.

1 - Have him walking out of the door in panel 3--the way you have it he looks like he's afraid of stairs.  Leg's moving, door closing behind him.

2- Move the gang symbol down and not so prominent-- I mistook it for the building sign.  Less prominent, maybe they don't notice it right away, that's cool.

3- Angle change on the last panel--why?  Because you're going from a side view shot in the panel before, by doing 3/4 turn on the next one it flows better and now he's pulling the flask out of his coat instead of thin air.
Nice work Miriam.
Her pencil work is very clean, and that's a big bonus when she comes to inking.    My pencils are sometimes so messy I can't even tell what I'm looking at-- and in those cases I lightbox the pencils to another board so that I can have clean pencil lines.

Although that might seem like an un-needed step it's actually easier in the end.  Sometimes doing a little more work saves work in the end.