Tuesday, May 16, 2017


You will be given a script to draw from and then use the techniques we've covered that week as homework. 

Through hands on working methods you will experience what it's like to work as a professional comic artist  

This is a COLLEGE LEVEL COURSE which means the workload is extensive and will require a commitment of time and effort on your part.  This means you will get intensive feedback and direction as we chart your development course.

Classroom size is restricted so that I can give my full attention to the attendees.  

Class meets June 7, 14, 21, 28 and July 12, 19 (No class on Fourth of July week).
Six Week Class; $425/USD payable upfront or in installments.

Class will be Wednesdays 630-8 and will feature actual demonstrations of techniques with a focus on Photoshop but if you are working traditionally these techniques will work as well.   It's a video class so there is less lecture and no still photos, I'll actually go through the process of (among other things)....

* Understanding Line Weights to create form and shadow and give the work a polished professional look.
* Using blacks effectively to create mood and atmosphere and to give your panels balance.
* Best way to use reference in your work and when it's needed (hint; everywhere).
* Coloring styles and strategies, from flat color to formed color to color effects.
* Using color to establish settings, mood and atmosphere.
* Lettering-- the most misunderstood and most important element to making your work look professional.
* Creating panel borders and balloons in Photoshop and the advantage to working digitally for lettering.

and we'll look at a few other important topics like;
* Covers, cover types and how to create a cover that grabs a readers attention.
* Strategies to build your portfolio.
* Techniques to get eyes on your portfolio, get hired, stay employed.

The classroom itself is more Skype style than what we've used at Emerson.  There is a chat room function however, so if you'd prefer to not have your video camera enabled for whatever reason, it's simply a matter of turning off your camera and microphone in the settings and you can still completely follow along and ask questions during the class via the chat.

If there are classes you can't make, that won't be a problem because we'll be recording all of the classes and sending those recordings to every student that wants one.  So you'll have a six part video classroom when the session ends.

If you have additional questions, feel free to email me at andy@andytfish.com

6 Week College Level Course

PAYMENT PLAN DETAILS $106.25 billed x4 over the course of five weeks.

Instructor credentials: Andy Fish is a published comic book artist whose current and previous clients include Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics as well as Quarto Publishing in London, McFarland Press in North Carolina and various other publishing and marketing companies.  Andy is also the author and illustrator of several how to books including HOW TO DRAW SUPERHEROES, HOW TO DRAW GRAPHIC NOVELS and HOW TO DRAW FANTASY CREATURES all available on Amazon at at finer bookstores everywhere.

Most importantly, Andy has been working professionally as a comic book artist and illustrator for 15 years and will share all his experiences and mistakes with you.