Sunday, May 1, 2016

Workin' on cover for first issue

Hey Gang,
Started drawing the actual cover for the first issue.
My plan is to do a combo of pen and ink and Dr Martin's dyes, which are known for vibrant color.
A pal o' mine warned me that Dr Martin's dry faster than watercolors though, and thus are harder to mix and do w/c style effects.  Is this true?
Also, he said they're notorious for not reproducing very accurately in print.
Does anybody have any experience with this?

I may just have to stick with regular watercolors.

Also, realized that I have to have the masthead fully figured out. . . arrghh!
So, set about sketching ideas for it.  Kind of like a couple myself, but want to see what y'all think.
I was set to name the comic 'Koldac', who's one of the main characters, but now I'm leaning toward 'Portals', which does pertain to the story integrally, and will leave me more leeway to move in varied directions.
That's why there are different titles in the masthead sketches.

Appreciate any feedback you feel like throwing my way.
Thanks in advance!