Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Strange One Issue #0 Cover Sketches

These were the first thumbs I did. I wanted to show Strange One in full gear and maybe using his powers because this issue #0 is really just an introduction to the character.
This is the slightly bigger sketch I did. The idea was to put him a pose similar to one of van Gogh's self portraits and bring in van Gogh style color swirls and brush strokes behind him (his powers come from being a descendant of van Gogh giving him the powers of a High Artist).

This is a digital color sketch. In this iteration I decided to put Strange standing in front of the van Gogh self portrait (at a museum) in the exact same position as van Gogh in the painting. Completely covering van Gogh (to speak to his connection to van Gogh) and only showing the background swirls of the painting and a plaque with van Gogh's name. I added my publishing company logo (which I had already created) and the title (which I created last week). I think I want to bring back the seated pose from the sketch before this and still keep him in front of the painting like this color one. I am thinking of having him sitting there cross-legged on a stool enjoying a coffee to show a bit more of his personality, a little humor, and overall strangeness!
This is the van Gogh self portrait I am referring to.

Here's a full body shot of Strange One with his gear on and hood down.
Here's Strange with hood up and his trust chain he uses as a weapon and for swinging around the city.

Sorry if this post is way too long!